Photography course

Become a better photographer

Chez Guiet

Let’s get one clear from the start – personally, I don’t much care what camera I use.

An odd statement from an experienced photographer?  – Not at all.

The best camera in the world is the one you have with you – so it follows that the worst camera in the world is the one you left at home.

Around this site and my main photography site you will find photographs that were taken with tiny cameras like Konica, Sony, Canon and Olympus compact cameras of the kind many professional photographers would sneer at. You will equally find images taken with professional quality cameras, lenses and equipment whose price would buy a good car.

The key to getting a “good” image with any given camera in any given setting lies in understanding the abilities and the limitations of the equipment at hand and knowing how to make the best of the combination.

Here you will find no “gear snobbery” no “gear envy” – we will work together to make the best inages from the equipment you have and whatever catches your eye.

Photography is an art form that relies on creative ability – and a level of technical understanding and knowledge to achieve the image you have in mind. To make consistently ‘good’ photographs you need both an understanding of the technical aspects (how your camera works and how to use it in a given situation) and a creative ability -both of which can be learnt or taught.

Our photography course is for anyone who wants to improve their skill as a photographer – to be better able to capture the picture you see “in your mind’s eye”. Beginner or experienced photographer – you will learn new techniques, ways of working and thinking about your photography. Taking the photograph is just the beginning, of course. You will have time to edit your photos and learn how to make your photographs the best they can be.

We want to show you how to take better photos with your equipment. It doesn’t matter what type of camera(s) you have, how simple or complex they are – it’s important that you use your equipment in order to get the maximum from the course. So, please bring your digital camera(s) (with range of lenses if you have them). If you have one, a tripod and remote shutter release would be useful – if you don’t have such things don’t worry – we’ll show you ways to work around.