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Becoming a better Photographer

** A note about the quality of images displayed on this site

Photography is an art form that relies on technical skill as much as creative ability. To make consistently 'good' photographs you need both an understanding of the technical aspects (how your camera works and how to use it in a given situation) and a creative ability that can be learnt or taught.

Our photography course is for anyone who wants to improve their skill as a photographer - to be better able to capture the picture you see “in your mind’s eye”. Beginner or experienced photographer - you will learn new techniques, ways of working and thinking about your photography. Taking the photograph is just the beginning, of course. You will have time to edit your photos and learn how to make your photographs the best they can be.

We want to show you how to take better photos with your equipment. It doesn't matter what type of camera(s) you have, how simple or complex they are - it's important that you use your equipment in order to get the maximum from the course. So, please bring your digital camera(s) (with range of lenses if you have them). If you have one, a tripod and remote shutter release would be useful - if you don't have such things don't worry - we'll show you ways to work around.


Structure and price  of the course

The course is delivered by George Perfect and takes place over two days on Monday-Tuesday (dates below). Each day starts at 10am and finishes around 4:30pm with a break for lunch. Each course is likely to have a range of experienced and less experienced photographers but as the class sizes are so small (no more than 4~5 participants) the content can be tailored to each participant and plenty of time given individually. Courses are friendly and informal with a good mix of time to take photos and time for discussion. By the end of the course you should have new skills and new ways of thinking about your photography.

We provide state-of-the-art, professional grade equipment and facilities for your use when editing and printing photos (simpler software is also provided for those who want to learn the basics) and the use of tripods, lighting and other miscellaneous equipment is also included where called for.

The price for the course, including refreshments, documentation and A4 prints(*) of your favourite image produced during the course is


£200 (or € 230) per person

To book

Contact us using any of the methods on the Contact page or the bottom of every page to ensure availability of your desired date(s). Then download the Reservation Form, complete and return it to confirm your place.

A discount of 15% for a second (or multiple) participant attending the same course and to returning students - discounts are applied automatically at checkout.

Each course comes with a money-back guarantee

Dates & Availability - 2018

Month    Dates    Availability
May 7 - 8 No Places
May 14 - 15 No Places
May 21 - 22 No Places
May 28 - 29 No Places
June 4 - 5 No Places
June 11 - 12 No Places
June 18 - 19 No Places
June 25 - 26 No Places
Month    Dates    Availability
July 2 - 3 No Places
July 9 - 10 No Places
July 16 - 17 No Places
July 23 - 24 No Places
July 30 - 31 No Places
August 6 - 7 No Places
August 13 - 14 No Places
August 20 - 21 No Places
August 27 - 28 No Places


What's Included in the course - And What's Not



NOT Included


A word about camera equipment

It really doesn't matter whether you have a simple, digital compact camera or a professional DSLR with a bag full of expensive lenses. What matters is that you know how to use the camera in your hand (and the best camera in the world is the one you have with you - the worst is the one you left at home!) - we will show you how to use more of your camera's facilities - including (where appropriate) some advanced techniques.

Rest assured that you will encounter no "gear snobbery" here. Whether you have a simple compact camera or a bag full of professional camera bodies and lenses you are equally welcome - our aim is to make you a better camera user, not a better camera buyer!

It may surprise you that many of the example photographs that appear on this web site were taken with modest compact cameras. 

If time allows, you will be able to try out some of the different cameras available here - from the modest to the professional.

A word about photo editing

The computer systems we use all use the Linux operating system (in place of, say, Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac). The specific photo editing software packages we use are DarkTable, RawTherapee, Digikam and Shotwell - broadly in descending line equivalent to high-end professional photo editing software available on other operating systems down to basic photo-album type tools commonly provided with the operating system - so that we can offer you an editing tool suited to your experience level. The facilities provided and operating methods of the different software packages on different operating systems are all quite close - so, if you learn how, say, an exposure control works in the software we use here the concept (the bit you need to understand) remains the same if you subsequently use some other package - though the precise buttons or menus you click to get to the control may differ. If you already use photo editing software that you are comfortable with and have a laptop, please bring it with you and we will use that while editing photos you take here. You are in any case welcome to use the systems and software here if you want to try something new.


General Information on our courses

Courses are delivered in English.

All courses are based at our studios and include a light lunch and drinks throughout the day.

You will not need a car once you are here (we provide transport where necessary) but you will find a car essential to get here. We have ample parking if you drive yourself.

We do not provide accommodation but have a page here providing links to local gites, B&Bs (Chambre d'Hotes) and lists of accommodation at local tourist offices. Accommodation and full holidays including ferry crossings to this very popular region are also to be found on the many holiday company web sites that serve the region.

People with disabilities or mobility problems are very welcome to take part in the course. The photography course tutor is himself a disabled power-wheelchair user and all the facilities and locations used are wheelchair friendly. We have a page describing Accessibility and medical matters that may answer many of your questions.

You are welcome to bring a carer if you need one (please let us know in advance for catering arrangements) - there is no charge unless the carer wants to participate in the course in which case they are welcome to do so at half the normal course fee - we will provide a discount code when you contact us.

Of course, people have a wide range of disability or mobility issues, so - Please contact us to discuss your needs before you book - we're here to help .

** A note about the quality of images displayed on this site